Places of Interest

Suspension Bridge

The Suspension Bridge, an engineering marvel built at the turn of the century, reflects the progressive and scientific nature of the rulers of Morbi. This was built to give a unique identity to Morbi using the latest technology available in those days, in Europe. It is 1.25 m wide and spans 233 m on the Machchhu River connecting Darbargadh Palace and Lakhdhirji Engineering College.

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Green Chowk

Green Chowk is a town square approached by a series of three gates. European town planning principles inspired the creation of these gates as landmarks in the town. The Nehru Gate is made out of stone using elements of Rajput architecture with central clock tower, while another one uses elements of western architecture and is capped by a three-storeyed cast iron frame structure with a dome.

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Jadeshwar Mahadev Temple

Jadeshwar Mahadev Mandir located in near Wankaner City of Vadsar Lake in the jadeshwar village of Rajkot district of Gujarat, India. Stand tall mountain greenery in picturesque surroundings between Wankaner to vadasara Lake. The lake is a short further historical of jadeswar Mahadev. The spontaneous emergence of Mahadev ancient history and is very juicy. The history begins when the existing avatars Nava nagar jamar valathi.

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Maa Khodiyar Mandir, Matel

Wankaner taluka of Rajkot district matel think khodiyar maa famous temple in the village. This is approximately 17 km from Wankaner city. Mataji temple is situated on a high rock. Here is the goddess of the old station, there are four statues.

Patient lays deep water in the river in front of the temple is Mateliya known as the land. Mataji sleep and Prasad are held here, the fact of mind the Maa khodiyar sight of devotees. You can reach Tirth Dham via ST and private vehicles into the everywhere of Gujarat. Wankaner until the train comes. This is a beautiful place to stay and lodging arrangements.

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Ma Khodiyar