Handicrafts of Morbi

Like the rest of Saurashtra, Morbi too has a rich heritage in art and craft. People in this region can create wonders with thread and needle. This particular art form is known as Kathipa. According to heresy, it had been introduced by women, who had followed Lord Krishna to this region after being freed from the grasp of demons by him. Silk floss darning combined with herringbone and chain stitches constitutes this style of embroidery. Today, it has a wide application. One can see such artwork, not only on traditional dresses but also on modern dresses, decorative objects, torans etc.

The art of applique is also used extensively by women of this rigion. The method is used to portray not only birds, animals or flowers on pieces of fabrics, but also scenes from epic Ramayana, modern days object like clocks and watches. Wood and ceramic are two other mediums of expression for the artisan of this region. They use these mediums to create wonderful pieces of art.