Land Branch

This is the key branch of Collectorate which deals with the matters related to Land in the district. There are mainly four sub-branches of this Branch. The major functions of each sub-branch are as under :

Land 1 Branch:

  • To Give Non Agriculture Permissions under sections 65, 65(A), 65(B), 66 and 67 of the Bombay Land Revenue Code, 1879.
  • Conversion of Land Tenure (New Tenure to Old Tenure) under section 43 of the Bombay Tenancy Act 1948 (For Anand Taluka Only).
  • Fixation of Land Price in the District Land Valuation Committee.
  • To Give Non Agriculture Permission to 34 villages include in AVKUDA.
  • Granting of Land to eligible Institutes/ Individuals.
  • To Grant Land for Charitable and Social Purposes to the Educational/ Social Institutes, School, Hostel etc.

Land 2 ( RTS/ CTS) Branch:

  • Appeals under section 203 of Land Revenue Code – 1879.
  • Revision of Cases decided by Prant Officers under rule 108(6) of the Land Revenue Rules – 1972.
  • Suo moto Revision of Land Cases under Land Revenue Rule – 1972.
  • Miscellaneous Appeals.
  • Works related to Record of Rights (RoR).

Land 3 & Land 4 Branch:

  • Compliance of Para raised by Revenue Inspection Commissioner (R.I.C).
  • Office Inspection.
  • “JAMA BANDHI” Inspection.
  • Inspection of Clerks Portfolio.
  • Inspection of Talatis Portfolio.
  • R.I.C Recovery.
  • Accountant General (A.G) audit Para.
  • Crop “ANAVARI” of Anand district.
  • Annual Administrative Report of Land Revenue of the District.
  • LAQ (Legislative Assembly Questions)
  • S.I.T (Special Investigation Team) related to Land Matters.
  • General Land Works.